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Lemon Pepper Studio

Autumns Dance - 2022

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There comes a time in the year where the days begin to get shorter, the wind a bit crisper and the colours a bit brighter. It is the most magical and golden season of Autumn and the flurry of ochre, sunshine yellow, maroon and gold brown leaves are just beginning to fall. Walking Olive through the country paths I couldn't help but wonder at the mix of colours that suddenly burst through whilst the rest of nature is slowly heading to bed for the Winter months. 

This piece is inspire by the dance of the falling leaves and the magic they inspire.


With over 80 hours of work in this thread sculpture it is constructed as one single connected piece. There is no stitching together but instead all the leaves are joined, forever flowing smoothly down as one. 

It comes in a glass top Bell Jar with a felted and signed base.



Bell Jar - 20cm x 10cm

Actual Sculpture - 18cm x 9cm


Each Original Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and proof of purchase. All postage will be tracked.


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