Do you want to give a special gift of a favourite flower that will last forever? Or design a custom artwork to hang in your home? If you have a specific idea in mind for a one of a kind piece of embroidery art then please get in contact.

Custom orders can be both flat stitched and created in the Lemon Pepper Studio signature 3D style. I specialise in flora and fauna but no project is too big or too small, just ask! I love working as a team to create something wonderful.

Read more about the custom order process and pricing below!

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Every custom order starts with a conversation about what it is that you want and how you want it displayed. You can provide photos, references and even sketches.

Then I work to create a drawing of the design we have discussed with notes on colours and 3D elements. This is then sent to you for your approval.

Then the stitching begins! You will receive update photos as the piece progresses incase there are any slight changes that need to be made.


All custom orders are subject to change dependant on the agreed design. If you want to discuss an idea please get in touch.

Patches (Small, Medium and Large) - Starting at £40

Buttons - Starting at £30

Pins - Starting at £32

Bow Hairbands - Starting at £40

Hoops (3”, 4” & 5”) - Starting at £100

3D Hoops (3”, 4” & 5”) - Starting at £200

Bell Jars - Starting at £550

Oak Frames - Starting at £750

For more information or to book a commission slot use the contact form below.

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