About Kits: 


I’ve never done embroidery before will I be able to do one of your kits?

There are a range of embroidery kits in the store for both beginners and more seasoned stitchers. If you are a complete novice I would suggest having a go at the Embroidery Toolkit first. This provides you with a base set of stitches and gets you used to the process of creating an embroidery. 

Kits such as The Anemone and the Fly Agaric are for more intermediate stitchers. 



I’m stuck with my kit where can I get more advice?

If you are having any problems with your kit or just want some more advice them please get in contact either via Instagram or by emailing hello@lemonpepperstudio.com



I’m missing something from my kit, how do I get it replaced?

Each kit is packed by hand with great care but sometimes things can be missed out. We want you to have the best experience with each kit so please send an email to hello@lemonpepperstudio.com stating your order number and the missing item/s. We will get replacements shipped out to you at no extra charge. 



Is embroidery difficult?

It depends how you look at it. It is a craft that requires a great deal of patience and often a lot of concentration too. If you are looking for a quick and simple art form this is probably not the one for you but, with some time spent it is very easy to create beautiful pieces.

Remember you do not have to use the most complicated stitch to create an intricate embroidery!



General Embroidery: 


What is Stumpwork?

Stumpwork is a form of 3D embroidery using a variety of different techniques such as 3D stitches, padding, wiring and much more. It is a method of embroidery that has been around for hundreds of years originating from ecclesiastical and religious embroideries in the church. For these it was common to see padding to create raised emblems and symbols.

Although now called Stumpwork it was originally called raised embroidery until it gained popularity in the late 19thcentury.


Where is the best place to get fabric?

Often the best place is in a local fabric or haberdashery store. Especially if you haven’t ever bought fabric from a specific website before it is often good to see it in person. 

There are also plenty of online fabric stores such as myfabrics.com and Minerva.com that provide a large range of fabrics. 

Please be aware these are UK based online stores. 



What are the most useful beginner stitches for 3D embroidery? 

To create a really varied and interesting embroidery you only really need to know 5 main stitches.


All of these can be combined with wired pieces to create a wonderful piece.


Extra Stitches that are relatively simple and can also create a 3D effect are:



Useful reference and inspiration books of Stumpwork Embroidery?

RSN Raised Embroidery by Kelley Aldridge

A_Z of Stumpwork by SearchPress

Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto

Fashion Embroidery by Jessica Jane Pile



Original Art: 


How do I care for Original Artworks?

For 3D embroideries in Bell Jars they are relatively protected from outside elements. You can dust the glass once in a while but on the whole they are very protected.

For more exposed pieces you can lightly use a mini lint remover to get rid of any dust that might have settled. You can also lightly brush off anything larger.

Although all embroideries are made as secure as possible please be aware that they are still fragile creations. 

 How long does it take to make a stumpwork artwork?

It depends what the scale of the piece is and how intricate it is. Often larger pieces and Bell Jars will take upwards of 80-100 hours to complete. The bigger the piece the longer it takes!

How do I commission you to make a piece of work?

To commission an original artwork or learn more about the process click the button below.




Where is my order?

Check the Shipping and Returns section for more information on how to track your order and where it is.


Do you charge for delivery?

Yes we charge for shipping to be as transparent as possible with the costs of the kits and products. There are no hidden charges within them so the shipping is additional on top.

We have tried to keep the shipping costs as fair and low as possible, especially for International orders. 


Why do you only do Tracked shipping for International orders?

International shipping has been particularly unreliable over the past 18 months and continues to be so. In order to keep the Lemon Pepper Studio products and kits available to everyone worldwide we have chosen to only use Tracked shipping.

It is far more reliable, is insured and means you can track your order all the way to your doorstep.