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Lemon Pepper Studio

The Salad Bed Kit

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The first in The Kitchen Garden series 'The Salad Bed' combines my love of embroidery and homegrown produce in a kit that, like all Lemon Pepper Studio embroidery, celebrates nature and the joy that can be found in it. 

In this kit you will learn a range of three-dimensional stitches that will let you create a beautiful miniature raised bed filled with an abundance of salads. It will teach you French Knots, Bullion Knots, Turkey Work, Drizzle Stitch and 3D techniques to create freestanding Chard Leaves. 

It comes with the basic tools needed to create the embroidery, all you need is a pair of scissors, jewellery pliers/snips, an Awl (or something pointed to make holes in fabric) and a pen for drawing out the template. 


What you will get in your kit:

- 6" Elbesee Embroidery hoop

- John James Needles

- Needle Storing Card

- Olive Twill

- Brown Wool

- Voile

- Viscose Gimp Thread

- 8 DMC Skeins- Wire

- Beads

- Glue

- Template

- Planting Tips Postcard

- 56 page Booklet

- Gold Foil Gift Box


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