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Lemon Pepper Studio

'A Buzz In The Air' - 2020

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Bombus Terrestris, more commonly known as the Bumblebee. Often seen bouncing from flower to flower during the long summer evenings collecting nectar and pollinating as it goes.

This piece, inspired by the constant hum of activity that surrounds the Foxgloves in my garden, is a small captured moment of a Bumblebee in its natural habitat. Tentatively searching for nourishment in the bell shaped blooms of the Foxglove. In my mind this is the essence of an English Summer.

The piece is framed in a custom handmade Oak Floating Frame with a stamped signature on the back. The Foxglove flower, leaf and bumblebee are constructed using Lemon Pepper Studios signature stumpwork techniques and are made entirely of wire and thread. The piece is set against an antiqued textured velvet fabric evoking the richness of a summer lawn.


Oak Frame - 20cm x 20cm

Canvas - 15cm x 15cm

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