Transferring your Designs

You can transfer your embroidery designs onto fabric many ways but the one that is easiest and needs the least tools is the light source method.

For this you need:

- Your mounted fabric on your hoop.

- A print out or line drawing of your design (make sure the lines are a decent weight so you will be able to see them)

- A fine tip pen, disappearing pen, water soluble pen or a pencil.

- A window or easy to access light source.

Taking your printed design place it, on the underside of your hoop with the design against the fabric. You can secure the image in place by lightly taping it. Situate your hoop so that the light source is shining through from the back, if you are using a window you can place it flat against it. You should be able to see the design through the fabric. At this point you simply need to trace the lines.