Choosing threads when starting embroidery can be confusing as there are so many options. The most common threads makes that are used for embroidery are DMC and Anchor.

They are sold in ‘skeins’ which usually consist of 8m of thread made up of 6 thin strands of thread and are all categorised using a system of numbers (and sometimes letters).

It is up to you how many strands you choose to use in your stitching, simply put the more threads the thicker the lines you will create.

To separate out a single thread from a skein take the end of the threads and, with them facing upward, pinch lightly. It should be tight enough to hold them in the same place but loose enough to allow you to still pull one through. Keeping this position take hold of a single thread end and pull upwards gently. The thread should come free of the others with minimal tangles.